According to industry experts, email contains up to 40% of unstructured corporate information, with 80% of legal firms' intellectual property communicated or stored in email (IDC).

As the use of email in organizations is pervasive, the shortcomings of email can have a staggering effect on daily business. Poor collaboration, extremely high data volumes, confusing email threads, difficulty with finding documents, sensitive information sent to the wrong person, limited control over multiple versions of the same content... These challenges are well known across industries, but are perhaps especially painful for organizations entrusted with protecting privileged client information, such as law offices.

Join our webinar on October 10 at 2:00 PM EDT
You will learn:
  • How an organization can enable email governance and control with 5 easy steps;
  • How to provide easy access to content while protecting its security;
  • A real-life example of a law office that has enabled email collaboration for litigation support, lawyers and clients.
Alex Panagides, President and CEO

Dennis Amorosano, Sr. VP & GM
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Your Email is Placing You at Risk!
- 5 Steps to Email Governance - A Law Office Case Study
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