When trying to apply record retention policies to email, companies face a daunting dilemma:  keep or destroy? To comply with records retention rules, they diligently organize and archive business records, but much of the important content - about 40%, resides in email – unstructured and chaotic.

It’s crucial to preserve certain records, and many regulations including FINRA, HIPAA, or GDPR specifically call out email records retention rules. But equally important for companies is to eliminate the unwanted email chatter, since anything said via email and dug out later, can be used against the organization as part of a legal discovery or litigation.

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What you will learn:
  • The risk of retaining unwanted emails for too long;
  • Best practices for email retention - how to keep the important content and eliminate chatter;
  • Real-life examples of companies that adopted email and cloud content management solutions, and enabled effective and easy record retention.
Alex Panagides,
President and CEO of mxHero

Dennis Amorosano,
Sr. VP & GM
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

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"Your Email Can Be Used Against You!"
- Email Retention Best Practices
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