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An organization that strives to maintain excellence in its industry has to rely on fast and accurate flow of accounting documents. Control over the AP workflow and on-time processing are crucial.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how Oklahoma Heart Hospital digitized its complex, paper-based Accounts Payable process.

Hear our guest speaker Kyle Taylor from Oklahoma Heart Hospital discuss how this large organization is transforming its complex and paper-intensive AP process to enable:
  • Efficient workflow to intelligently capture, approve, code, and retain invoices;
  • Easy access to invoice documents electronically, from within the ERP system (PeopleSoft);
  • Visibility into the status of approvals and payments, providing business intelligence to improve decision-making.

Presented by:

Meredith Bixler
Channel Development Manager, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

Cliff Autin
Sr. Solutions Consultant, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

Guest Speaker:
Kyle Taylor
Accounts Payable Manager, Oklahoma Heart Hospital

"How a Hospital Digitized Accounts Payable"
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