Manual and semi-automated financial processes are leaving your organization more vulnerable than you think to huge fraud and compliance risks. As a result, finance departments are opening the door to financial losses, regulatory and audit fines and penalties, and reputational damage. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Watch our webinar featuring Mark Brousseau - noted analyst, speaker and researcher.  During this webinar, our speakers will reveal the vulnerabilities of manual and semi-automated processes, show you three steps to mitigating risk, and share a case study example of an organization that put these strategies to work to improve control over its financial operations.

What you will learn:
  • Why finance organizations are more vulnerable than they think to fraud and compliance risks;
  • Three strategies for improving control over your financial operations and risks;
  • How one real-world organization mitigated its fraud and compliance risks with automation.
Presented by:
Mark Brousseau
Analyst and Researcher in Business Process Automation,
Brousseau & Associates

Bruno Vande Vyvre
Solutions Manager,
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

Watch the webinar:

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"The Expert Guide to Mitigating Fraud and Compliance Risk in Accounts Payable"