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Keeping track of business travel expenses is typically a cumbersome, manual task. Collecting all receipts to submit for reimbursement is tedious and error-prone - receipts get lost or mixed up. Sorting and categorizing the expenses is time consuming, as is manually filling out and submitting the expense report. Since the report submission is often done when the traveler is back in the office, days or even weeks after the trip, it takes a long time for the reimbursement to be processed.
Typical Challenges
    • Manual collection and tracking of all receipts
    • Problems with finding and categorizing the receipts
    • Expense reports are filled out and submitted manually
    • Lack of visibility to expenses
    • Risk of errors, non-compliance and fraud
    • Inability to track travel expenses for specific projects
    • Delays in processing and reimbursing the expenses

    The Solution

    What if you could submit all the receipts from restaurants or airport coffee shops on-the-go, and start the reimbursement process right away? Using a mobile device, a traveler can capture and submit the expense information right at the point of transaction, and trigger the reimbursement process immediately.

    • Intelligently captures receipts, in various formats: paper receipts - image captured with mobile phone, such as your iPhone and Android, email, email attachments, receipts stored in the cloud...
    • Processes receipts in multiple languages and currencies. Supports various country specific tax and VAT requirements.
    • Automatically classifies the expense type, for example: meal, ground transportation.
    • Automatically creates transactions in ERP. Integrated with ERP system, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards.
    • Allows allocation of the expenses to specific projects, to track spend relevant to these projects.
    • Receipts' images can be stored in a cloud repository, such as Box.
    Business Benefits
    • Capture receipts on-the-go, no need to keep track and organize them manually.
    • Capture with a mobile device, email - any way that's convenient for you.
    • Submit your expenses immediately - to get reimbursed faster.
    • Make your expenses visible to the approver, in real-time.
    • Enable transparency to business spend, to help prevent errors and fraud.
    • Provide visibility to project-related spend - so that the expenses can be immediately allocated to the right project.
    • Easily manage your international travel expenses - with multi-currency, multi-lingual receipt submission and processing.
    • Improve compliance with company policy and regulatory requirements.

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    Mobile Travel & Expense Automation Solution

    To learn more
    Read the Mobile Travel & Expense Automation Solution brochure, register for the on-demand demo webinar, using the form above, or contact us at info@ciis.canon.com