Email is a key threat vector for enterprises. Phishing, malware, sensitive information leaks... the list of potential security issues is long, and organizations adopt sophisticated measures to minimize the risk. And yet 41% of employees deliberately bypass their company's security policies, according to Forrester, and 57% of them admit that it's the most efficient way to get work done!

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You will hear from two industry experts - Alex Panagides, CEO of mxHero, and Dennis Amorosano, Sr VP and GM of Canon Information & Imaging Solutions, who will offer insights on the most commonly overlooked email security risks and advice on email security and governance practices.
What you will learn:
  • How poor content collaboration practices lead to security risks;
  • How you don't have to sacrifice email and content security to be efficient!
  • Methods to manage email security without placing additional burden on your employees;
  • A real-life case study of a company that transformed its email and content management practices to enable governance and boost collaboration.
Alex Panagides,
President and CEO of mxHero

Dennis Amorosano,
Sr. VP & GM
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

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"I Just Infected the Company!"
- How to Prevent the Most Commonly Overlooked Email Security Risks
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